Pesach Hagadah 120 words – Why the Cup is not Full

At the Seder, drops of wine are removed from the brimming cup as we list the ten plagues, one drop per plague.

A full cup symbolises complete joy, celebration of Gd’s triumph. Our cup however is incomplete, Gd’s triumph is incomplete. Gd failed to win over the Egyptians.

Even after escaping Egypt, Gd, testing the Egyptians, led us as though we were lost and disoriented. Would they pursue us to restore their dignity and supremacy, believing themselves greater than Gd?

But Gd even failed with the many Jews who even after witnessing 8 plagues were not ready to leave Egypt and died during the ninth plague of Darkness.How then can our cup be full?

LeShana HaBaAh BiYerushalayim – but for now we are still in exile, we have not yet earned redemption. May that great day soon be here.