Pesach Halacha 200 words – Kitniyos

The Vilna Gaon (ShA OCh 453: VeYesh Osrim) refers to the Gemara Pesachim 40b as a source for the custom of prohibiting Kitniyos –

Rav Papi permitted bakers of the appointed Rabbinic leader of the Jews in exile [Reish Galusa] to use Chasisi (Rashi – parched flour [once heated the flour becomes denatured and cannot become Chamets]; Rif – Matzah meal [YES, they ate Gebrochts]; Tosfos – lentil flour [Kitniyos]) during Pesach.

The Gemara reports 2 varying responses to this –
Version #1 – Rava was astonished they permitted this since the kitchen staff where known to be careless about Mitzvos and may well use wheat flour which might become Chamets if not handled carefully.

Version #2: Rava thought it is a great idea and did the same in his own home.

However, it is surprising that all the great Poskim failed to record such a custom – so it can almost be said that our great Poskim saw this custom and chose to ignore it.