Sedra Nasso 120 words – Religious Facts, Empty Threats

“My big-brother is going to bash you” means something if big-brother’s victims or his muscles are on display.  Otherwise, the empty threat only weakens he who makes it.

That’s why most religions issue threats that are ‘over the horizon’ – “just wait till you get to the pearly gates” and the response is mostly, “Well, if He’s so strong why don’t He come HERE and do something about it?”

Issuing a ‘Red Line’ notification on this side of the horizon, is either pretty stupid or pretty gutsy, no?

Rashi [Nasso 5:10] interprets “a person’s tithes are his” – when one fails to give the Cohanim their dues, then that’s what he will get; his field will give only a tenth of its expected production. Pretty gutsy, no?