Sedra Chukas 120 words – Madly in Love

What on earth is that for? And why does your Gd want you to do that?

Ridicule about the red heifer stings us. We don’t even need to actually hear the nations of the world laughing at us, it rings in our own head. [Rashi 19:2]

So what is Gd’s advice to us – sticks and stones …. ? Almost.

Gd warns us this is going to happen and advises that we have no permission to think about it. [Rashi]

Does that resolve the problem?

Some thinking is constructive, some thinking is destructive.

Avoid destructive thinking.

When we are really in love we are madly in love – we do mad things. Are we bothered by what others think?

In fact the madder it is the more it proves our love.