Sedra Balak 120 words – the eyes may see but the mind is blind

Balak sees what is happening and is terrified. His nation will be relegated to history’s dustbin by the Jews who just obliterated his nation’s highly paid protectors, the two great fighting kingdoms of Sichon and Og [Rashi 22:2] whose stunning ignoble defeat was ridiculed in many popular songs. [21:27 – therefore the satirists …]

He sees only the option of cursing the Jews. Even after witnessing the greedy cursing wizard as nothing but a puppet in Gd’s hands, he still sees no other option.

Are there atheists in foxholes? Balak, neither stupid nor unaware – just does not WANT to see.

That is the power of our mind ….. and what are we doing to ensure we do WANT to see?