Sedra Pinchas 120 words – Humanity, Always Another Perspective

Who is Pinchas? He is the son of Elazar, who is the son of Aaron the Priest.

What did he do? He endangered his own life in order to save the people from a wild plague, from Gd’s anger, from their betrayal of Gd, from their support of one who had brazenly spat upon and ridiculed Gd and His Laws.

Why is it necessary to ID him yet again at the onset of this week’s reading?

Because there is always another dark side to us that seeks a dark perspective in order to tarnish the reputation, goodness and righteousness of great people by questioning their hidden motives. “You know why Pinchas did this? Because he disrespects Jewish life. He killed, he murdered a great tribal elder because Pinchas has some non-Jewish blood flowing in his veins.”

And so Gd testifies, Pinchas is a descendant of Aharon the Cohen, famous for his love of all Yidden and this is what motivated Pinchas. [Rashi 25:11]