Sedra Matos 120 words, The Opposite of Holy is NOT Profane

So Hillary was economising the truth re dodging bullets. Big deal. Does that disqualify her from being POTUS?

Gd commands us to “keep distant from untruths” and in this week’s Sedra, not to profane our word.

Profanity is commonly understood as crude language. Who today considers porkies to be profanity? We don’t expect truth. We don’t expect assurances in business to be honourably honoured but avoided and only reluctantly fulfilled after a vicious battle. We don’t expect courts to dispense justice but The Law, the letter of the law, which often enough means trampling upon the spirit of the law.

Rashi explains [30:3] that when we offer an assurance even if only to ourselves, it is a matter of sanctity and non-compliance is a profanity.

In our society fighting is a sport. Party and family fights invariably end up recorded and published on the web, as entertainment.

So why are we shocked by police brutality?  It’s because the Police represents officialdom, we expect them to maintain a higher standard.

Gd expects, nay, demands a higher standard. Our word is sacred.