Sedra VaEsChanan 120 words – for us or for them

Gd does kindness to thousands, to those who love Me and heed My commands [5:10]

The Gd who keeps His promise and kindness to those who love Him and heed His commands, for one thousand generations [7:9]

Many thousands are remembered of those who are primarily motivated by love, but only one thousand when primarily driven by fear [Rashi 7:9]

This is not a motivational accelerator for the selfish, who gains nothing personally. It is a compelling argument for those who live for others.

For those who live for themselves, the next verse – And He rewards immediately those who hate Him. And why? because He wants them to think of their future, let them contemplate their success now as being immediate payment, their reward, in order to deny them what they don’t believe in, Olam Haba [Rashi 7:10]