Sedra Shoftim, 120 words – The Greatest Honour to Gd, Honour your Thinking

You must follow the Sages’ rulings; do not modify BeisDin’s instructions, neither to the left nor to the right [17:11] Rashi – even if they tell you left is right or right is left.

Absolute loyalty requires unthinking obedience.

Or does it?

The Gemara [BK 46b] documents that employing ones mind is the greatest loyalty to HKBH.
        Gd prefers to not provide a verse for any law we can figured out ourselves
What we can understand from our mind is at least as great important authentic holy …. as receiving the same instruction directly from HKBH.

Accordingly, when BD is wrong, we must respectfully ignore them. Thus the J-Talmud’s version
only when they say that the right is the right and left is the left

Our evaluations must bow to BD’s but not when they are proved wrong.