Sedra Ki SeiTzei, 120 words – The King is a Thief

The Chief Rabbi’s reputation may be at serious risk of being tarnished if his doppelganger is publicly humiliated for very crude behaviour.

But can Gd’s reputation ever be vulnerable to such risk?

Apparently, yes; because although the corpse of those executed by BeisDin must be displayed publicly, it is a disgrace to HKBH [Devarim 21:23, see Rashi] and must not be left hanging overnight.

In spite of humanity drifting from recognising its Gdly identity, and in spite of the dramatic fall this individual has experienced leading to the penalty of death, Gd’s image is still immutably imprinted upon the sinner and upon us who see this sinner’s corpse on public display.

And Gd’s reputation is also at risk.