Rosh HaShana, 120 words – Derech Eretz

Detect Eretz, courtesy, plain old consideration for others – my needs do not always take priority; I do not feel cramped or stifled by the existence others  – is the awareness of being created in Gd’s image. Loyalty and betrayal; loyalty being the light of meaningful life, whilst betrayal is the toxic short sighted injection that rots the Gdly spark, leaving but an empty shell.

We are known as an Eidah – Adass Yisrael. Eidah reflects upon our community bearing testimony [Eidus] to Gd. This is the essence of our community, this is life. This is the essence of Rosh HaShana – the community testifies to HKBH’s sovereignty.

Our consciousness of being in Gd’s image, enlightens everyone we interact with. It binds individuals into a community.

May we be blessed in our recognition of HKBH’s sovereignty, to be a community that interacts and inspires loyalty.