Sedra VaYetze 120 words – If Gd does this, I will …

YaAkov sleeps, he dreams astonishing dreams, and he knows he is in a special place, at a special time. 40 words [28:20 – 22] capture his dedication, love and inspiration, including his own promise to Gd.

“If Gd fulfils those very simple promises, bread to eat and clothes to wear, which He already made to me” [see Rashi on every single point other than BeShalom – not being influenced by Lavan] then YaAkov promises to …. dedicate an altar at this location – which he did when he was returning from Padan Arom [Rashi 28:22]

YaAkov promises to be attentive and never forget Gd’s love and kindness, in even the most modest and basic simple gifts He gives us.