Sedra VaYeShev 120 words – Born to Lead?

YaAkov was born a battler. He was named [YaAkov=ankle] for the battle he looked to be engaged in from the moment of his birth; he was already then grasping at his older twin’s ankle, as if to pull him down and take the dominant position as leader. In fact, even whilst in the womb he was fighting [25:22 Rashi]

Yet Yehudah, YaAkov’s son, instructed his own son, Onan, to cede his own identity in order to perpetuate the name of his deceased, childless, older brother; by marrying his widow.

But Onan was not happy. He did not want to lose his own identity.

Gd was most displeased [38: 8-10] perhaps for wasting seed but the Passuk seems to reflect upon his reluctance to cede his identity in order to perpetuate his brother’s.