Vayigash, 120 words – Resonance, Sincere Apologies

“We are your slaves” the brothers of Yosef cry, as they throw themselves at Yosef’s feet.

But Yosef has not forgiven them and does not forgive them now. Why not? What more could they have done?

Well, for starters: admit they had been nasty to Yosef; seek forgiveness rather than telling a school-boy lie that YaAkov before he died, told the brothers that THEY should tell Yosef that the brothers be forgiven.

But they lived together in Egypt for so many years, why did it take so long before this became revealed?

Living together in harmony is not forgiveness. Displaying limited support is not seeking forgiveness. Refusing to address the substance, refusing to mollify the victim is almost certainly an affront to the victim, is almost certainly a declaration that there is no need to mollify because no wrong has been committed.