Sedra Bo, 120 words – What Makes a Despot Hard Hearted

So you are in charge of  a school, a national organisation, a business or a political party.

What makes you cry, laugh or get angry, even when deep down you know it is inappropriate? Simple – if it suits you and you think you can get away with it.

Reb Avigdor M, proved we CAN control ourselves: the shiny car owner stopped at the lights, gets rear-tapped by a jalopy. He is furious until he sees the seven foot tattooed baseball bat wielding driver of the jalopy.

Gd keeps asking Pharoh to let His People go. AHA, thinks Pharof, “He can’t get them out without me.”

The idiot can’t imagine that HKBH is trying to help him. “Pharoh, repent now. It is not too late. Do this to show remorse and accept My authority.”

Sadly, even when caught, exposed and incarcerated, many [most?] will not repent, apologise or amend.

We are pretty hard hearted, are we not?