Sedra BeShaLach, 120 words – We Took Weapons

The first 2 Pesukim are a confusing hodgepodge:

  • Rather than saying, “Gd took the Jews out of Egypt”, we have the inaccurate, “Pharoh sent The People out”.
  • Why mention at all that we carried weapons?
  • For those untrained and inexperienced in warfare, weapons are a senseless and unnecessary burden.
  • Why expose that “we would panic and return to Egypt” if we faced an enemy?

Gd wants us to trust Him. Gd wants us to feel completely safe.

There is no greater honour and loyalty than the bond of trust – which is the essence of the most powerful experience, when parents hold their newborn.

We however, still did not see HKBH as our hero, it was Pharoh who sent us out. We took weapons, just in case HKBH needs a little help. And we would have panicked had we faced an enemy.

We still had a long way to go in being truly loyal to HKBH.