Sedra Yisro 120 words – Where Is Gd?

You saw that I spoke with you from the heavens [Ex 20:19] but it says the opposite, Gd descended onto Mount Sinai [Ex 19:20]

Gd’s honour was in the heavens whilst Gd’s fire and power was on earth [Deut 4:36]

One is Gd’s revelation to the people, the other Gd’s revelation to Moshe Rabbenu. Before you read on – which do you match?

When Gd calls Moshe Rabbenu, Gd has descended to Mount Sinai. It’s Fire and Power.

When Gd speaks to the people via Moshe Rabbenu, Gd is in the heavens.

One is Gd’s reprimand, Before you read on – which one?

Gd reprimands [redirects better reflects the word Mussar, from the root Sar] by appealing to our minds – that is from the heavens; the fire and power display is for display purposes only, and apparently only for those who are ready for it.