Sedra MishPaTim 120 words, So You Love Your Children

After presenting our children a gift, we might give the same gift to other children in the neighborhood.

But would we, after presenting our wife with a bouquet of gorgeous roses, an expensive box of chocolates and a very expensive gown, give the same to another woman in the neighborhood? Loving our neighbour as we love ourselves – must not be taken literally.

Love is defined by the discrimination we draw between close friends, closer friends and strangers. That discrimination hurts when we discover we are not as close a friend as we thought.

And so the Torah instructs us [23:5] to discriminate and favour our family, BeNey Yisrael, the Children of Jacob. When we see an animal struggling under an imbalanced load, we are obliged to assist. Notwithstanding that he is our enemy he is nevertheless a brother. See Rashi