Sedra Terumah, 120 Words – Gd is Calling

Once upon a time Gd instructed MosheR on what to say to BNY – The Children of Israel, wherever MosheR happened to be. We did not require a Sanctuary.

Then Gd restricted communications. Although radiating from Heaven, it was heard only by MosheR, whilst in the sanctuary, from between the cherubs atop the Holy Ark. [25:22, Rashi]

What happened? The Golden Calf happened. We panicked at the thought of not having MosheR as our conduit. We wanted an attenuated, tangible relationship with Gd. Not Gd’s first choice, and not MosheR happiest hour, but HKBH and MosheR embraced and promoted whatever was best for BNY.

This is not a Master Slave relationship. This is the energy of love, which we – as many wayward children – sometimes pretend does not exist.