Ki Sisa, 120 words – Gd’s Preference

“Your people, Moshe, have caused destruction” [32:7 Rashi] those Egyptians who Moshe, without consulting Gd, encouraged to join the Nation.

This is an, “I told you so” moment.

Yet Gd is angry with, and says He will destroy, everyone, save for Moshe and his children. [32:10] Is it not bizarre? Gd proposes to destroy The Children of Jacob and build a new Nation, The Children of Moshe, whom He blames for the catastrophe?

Perhaps it is the very boldness of Moshe Rabbenu to think for himself, to challenge Gd [refused to immediately accept Gd’s instruction to lead thr Nation; he challenged HKBH on how to define HKBH to the people; to defy Gd’s instruction, “Leave Me alone” 32:10] that makes him HKBH’s preferred choice.

Contrast this to the blind following of the masses who could not be reasoned with [their breakfast was bread that fell heaven etc.] could not be spoken to, could not be delayed in their ambition to construct a golden image and declare, “This is the Gd that redeemed you from Egypt.”