Sedra VaYakHeil, 120 words – Women

Is it unprecedented?

Women are identified 4 times in chapter 35: verses 22, 25, 26 and 29.

35:22 – the men came with the women [to donate gold for the Mishkan] Note that the men were the secondary, it was the women who were the primary donors – the men came with the women.

35:25 – the inspired women manufactured the dyed threads which they donated

unlike the men 35:23 – they donated what they already had

35:26 – the talented women provided the special spun mohair

35:29 – and all the men and women who were inspired to donate for the Mishkan

What does it signify?

There is a poetic balance and cleansing in HKBH’s arranging that the master builder of the Mishkan, which was the finale to His reassurance that we were forgiven for the Golden Calf, was BeTzalel who was the grandson of Chur who was murdered for opposing those who were agitating to build the GCalf.

The women were also noted for not having willingly participated in the sin of the GCalf.