Sedra VaYikRa 120 words, Man Meets Animal

Sacrificing and incinerating living beasts is a major if not the major focus of this week’s Sedra.

Normal planning approximates that 150,000 square meters and a staff of 350-400 are require to support a university of 6,000 full time students. However Yeshivas Mir, offers no more than 3,000 square meters and is administered by 20. Students take up every millimetre.

R’ Noson Tzvi Finkel ZTL explained it thus – animals pursue their wants and perceive no evil if they trample on others; man however is not an animal.

Rabbi Finkel asked a group of super wealthy visitors to Yeshivas Mir, “What should we learn from the holocaust?” He explained, “We learned that 6 people can share one blanket. Please go home and share your blanket”

Some months later, one of these tourists presented Rabbi Finkel with an open cheque. “Please fill in whatever you wish.” Rabbi Finkel scribbled on the cheque and handed it back. To the astonished donor he said, my student will take you to buy a pair of Tefillin with this cheque.

Rabbi Finkel, who collected millions, and still needed millions, for Yeshivas Mir, was sharing his blanket.