Sedra Emor 120 words – Bad Hair Day

A major component of the Sedra is the warning, often repeated – You will die if you enter the Temple when ritually unclean.

What is all the fuss about? and the INTENSITY!

With all our research, hundreds if not thousands of universities, professors, historians, brain investigators, experts, academics and researchers – we are not even scratching the surface of what makes us tick. Why are we happy and why are we sad. Why are we inclined to buy this but not that. What makes spinners a world-wide sensation?

Sometimes nothing seems to go right – bad hair days – and it wrecks us. Othertimes we ride it out with ease. Is it our diet, is it our feng shui, chakra, etc meaning is there some spiritual [i.e. non overtly physical] issue?

Kodesh – Holiness; means designated for special purpose. Gd commands us to identify the loftier more noble aspects of life and ensure they remain holy, special, designated for infusing our life with meaning. The less these are contaminated, diluted and emasculated, the more our life is meaningful and purposeful.

Life without this demarcation is empty and hollow, pretty much walking zombies without purpose
– “as long as they’re happy”?