Sedra Behar 120 words – Gd Expects …

What is missing?

And if you will ask [when you will ask] “So if we do not plant nor gather, what will we eat in the seventh year?” [25:20]

The rebuke – “Oh you of small faith.” is missing.

Rather than rebuke, HKBH assures them, “My blessing will ensure the sixth year will produce enough.”

HKBH wants us to be confident and comfortable, such questions are legitimate.

Avraham asks Gd, “How do I know …” [Bereishis 15:8] Again, what is missing?

HKBH’s response is, “Prepare some animals and we will make a covenant.”

What is truly astonishing is that we, Gd’s Nation, are satisfied and confident with these assurances.

Being Gdly means that our word is reliable. If tempted to engage in ambiguities, think; – would we not feel cheated if we were the recipients of such ambiguities?

HKBH demands not that we trust Him that we not question His instructions but that we trust Him and have confidence in His promises.