Renewable Energy – Our Mind and its Pictures

Our tradition identifies a bone, known as the Luzz, which endures forever and from which the revival of each individual grows. Sefer TaAmei HaMinHagim 425

This bone is fed exclusively from the meal honouring the departure of Shabbos, Melaveh Malkah [lit. escort the (Shabbos) queen] It is unblemished by Adam’s sin, eating the Eitz HaDaAs, which occured before Shabbos.
(see Mishnah Berurah 300:2 & Siddur R’ Yaakov Emden).

Humanity lives by the images it cultivates. These images drive our motivation and energise all human enterprise. We are not clods of earth because of the imagery projected in our minds.

Nothing is more vigorously contested than the ability to project our images in the minds of others. Wars are fought, lives are lost, fortunes are made, friends are made and sacrificed – all driven by the images, projections of the mindscape.

Within every person there is an indestructible existence from which an entire life can be regenerated – and it is a new life which at the same time is the same person – we all posses the potential to renew.