Sedra Korach 120 words – Why is Moshe R’ Angry?

Moshe R, in his anger, pleads with HKBH not to accept Korach’s portion of the communal daily sacrifice, let it remain raw on the altar [Rashi 16:15]


If the merit of that communal sacrifice might save Korach would he not wish they be saved from their arrogance and foolishness?

Moshe R’ pleads for a miracle – that the entire Korach community; men, women, children, infants; as well as all their possessions, disappear into the ground. 16:30 – 33

Evil is not to be tolerated. Evil must be extinguished. Beruria was not referring to Korach when she taught, hate the sin, not the sinners [Berachos 10]

Pleading tolerance of evil, is not pleading for the sinners – it is mutiny against HKBH.

That is why Moshe R’ was angry.