KolRabi Sedra Pinchas – What Really Hurts

The greatest hurt is caused by the “friends” who do not act or even speak up, in defence of their friend the victim.
Sure the attack hurts – but which brave enterprising free-thinking and acting individual does not get attacked? The attack in fact, is welcomed. It corroborates that the challenge being presented has substance and value. Playing the man is just an admission that the substance of the discussion is already won.
But where are the friends?
The victim’s friends who rally but only when the prospects of winning are certain – fair weather friends – but otherwise are deaf blind and mute to the unfair attacks insults vilification and besmirching – their betrayal cuts deeply and discloses most painfully, the true nature of the back-slapping cosmetic superficial friendship.
And when in the midst of this betrayal one friend acts, is provoked due to their friend being abused, to avenges their friend’s dignity and honour – that restores and comforts the victim in a manner that truly  sets the world straight and restores them.
This is how Pinchas appeased HKBH. Everyone else remained silent, Pinchas however acted to avenge the honour of HKBH.