About Rabbi Meir G Rabi

Rabbi Rabi is the heir to Rabbi Shlomo Rudzki’s Kosher Certificate.

Rabbi Rudzki, Musmach of the famed Lomza Yeshivah, was the First Chief Minister of the South Caulfield Hebrew Congregation and was one of the first Rabbis in Australia to organise Kashrus for the community. His legacy and vision lives on in Kosher VeYosher, the new face of Australia’s oldest functioning Kosher Certifying Agency.

This vision promotes the benefits that can only be accrued through competing Kosher authorities and also ensures that the needs of the broadest possible community is served.

Kosher VeYosher is not just a name: it is a theme. Kosher means “acceptable and proper”, Yosher means “straight”. Kosher VeYosher is an old Yiddish expression meaning “above board, exemplary and absolutely trustworthy”. Rashi, Devarim (Deuteronomy) 1:13, explains the meaning of the word, “NeVoNim” usually translated as “wise”, to mean, one who is not only wise but pursues additional wisdom.

Rabbi Rabi has devoted his years to learning and teaching our time honoured traditions, Talmud and Halachic Authorities in the traditional Lithuanian fashion. He continues his dedication to learning and teaching; learning 5 hours 6 mornings every week in Melbourne’s premier Kollel located less than 5 minutes walk from his home in the ultra orthodox community. He has lectured pretty much every evening of the week for may many years. He is regularly in discussions with international Rabbanim on a wide array of Talmudic and Halachic matters.

He has generously and humbly contributed to the entire spectrum of orthodox Jewish communities and organisations in Melbourne, having lectured, presented Shiurim and befriended so many from all backgrounds and ages. Rabbi Rabi is equally at ease and enthusiastic when presenting “basics” or sophisticated Pilpulim to advanced scholars. 

Melbourne Rabbinic Associations
Rabbi Rabi has been privileged to enjoy a very close and warm relationship with some of the most senior and sage Rabbonim in Melbourne including for some years, a regular weekly private learning session with Rabbi Zalman Serebryanski OBM in his home. He also shared many private hours in discussion and learning with Rabbi Boruch Abaranok OBM, and delivered his regular daily Shiur whilst Rabbi Abaranok was absent.