About this site and KVY

Understand, Accept;

we are much more Gdly driven than we may care to admit.

Whether we like it or not, we look at the world through Gd’s eyes; we look like Gd.

Humanity’s obsession; with love and loyalty on the one hand and hate and betrayal on the other, is the “image of Gd” in which we are created. It is the only imagery that permits us to have any relationship at all with Gd: that spans the chasm between the finite and The Infinite.
A focus is on Kosher foods. Having Kosher food is an invitation to Gd to join us at our table. 

Traditionally, the dining table is sacred. One does not sit or stand upon it.
Every morsel of food invites us to bless Gd, His food and His creation,
before a morsel of food is enjoyed, we pronounce a formal blessing.

Kosher means “acceptable and proper”, Yosher means “straight”.
Kosher VeYosher is an old Yiddish expression meaning “above board, exemplary and absolutely trustworthy”. Rashi, Devarim (Deuteronomy) 1:13, explains the meaning of the word, “NeVoNim” usually translated as “wise”, to mean, one who is not only wise but pursues additional wisdom.

Kosher VeYosher is the new face of Australia’s oldest functioning Kosher Certifying Agency, established by one of Melbourne’s most senior, beloved and revered rabbis, Rabbi Shlomo Rudzki.

Rabbi Rudzki’s vision continues to direct and shape the structure of this longest serving Australian Kosher authority.