Sedra Yisro, 120 Words. Seeing Is Not Believing

Seeing is Believing, but not for Yisro. The Torah emphasises that Yisro HEARD about what Gd had done; that’s why he joined the Jewish People. Seeing does not require sequential input whereas listening… Continue reading

Sedra BeShalach 120 Words. Food for Life

Gd fed us Manna during our journey in the wilderness. In addition to this miracle being recorded in our national history, a jar filled with this fantastic food was kept [16:32, 33 and… Continue reading

Sedra Bo, 120 Words. What We Think HKBH is Thinking

During the Pesach Seder, we fulfil HKBH’s command to “speak into the ears of our children” the eternal message that He made the Egyptians look foolish. [Shemos 10:2 and Rashi] What is accomplished… Continue reading

Sedra VaEra, 120 Words. Complaints May be Good

Gd is beginning a new chapter in the world’s history. However, Moshe Rabbenu is not yet up to speed. Gd appears to Moshe and tells him that Avraham, Yitzchak and YaAkov did not… Continue reading

Sedra SheMos, 120 Words. Gd Tests Moshe Rabbenu. Celebratory Edition

This weeks edition celebrates and expresses our gratitude for, the birth of a granddaughter.   Before Gd reveals Himself to Moshe Rabbenu, He tests MRabbenu.   What is the test and why is… Continue reading

Some Acquire Their Portion in a Single Moment

Yesh KoNa OlaMo BeShaAh Achas  –  Some acquire their portion in the World to Come, in a Single Instant Why did Rebbi Yehudah HaNassi weep when he heard these episodes? After all he… Continue reading

Sedra VaYeChi, 120 Words. Lying for Peace, Truth for Peace

Yakov knew all the details of the brothers’ betrayal, the reasons why Yosef may have wanted to avenge his hurt, humiliation and pain, but Yakov understood that Yosef would not seek revenge. Thus… Continue reading

Sedra VaYiGash, 120 Words, Viceroy of Egypt Faces Kings of Denial

Special Edition – Celebrating the birth of our grandson, Mazal Tov to Naftoli and Miri Rabi   Yosef astounds his brothers by seating them according to their age [43:33]; according to Medrash he astounds them with… Continue reading

Sedra MiKetz, 120 words. Attaining Perfection

What exactly did Yosef feel about and towards his brothers who turned against him and left him for dead?   I find this one of the saddest readings of the Torah. The family,… Continue reading

Sedra VaYeShev, 120 Words. Who’s Minding the Store?

The Sedra documents the frightening bickering and division in YaAkov’s family, which YaAkov contributed to, if not instigated. According to Seforno, Yosef reported to his father that his brothers were acting improperly; they were… Continue reading