Sedra Mishpatim – What’s Gd so Busy With?

And he who did not plan [to kill] but Gd pushed it into his hands – 21:13 the victim was in the ‘wrong place’ at the ‘wrong time’. As the Medrash describes it –… Continue reading

Sedra Yisro – Know Your Shabbos – Recalibrating Life

We are commanded to remember Shabbos throughout the entire week [20:8] LeKaDeSho – to make it holy = to make it special. Every opportunity to enhance Shabbos [Rashi] – acquiring a nice pair… Continue reading

Sedra BeShalach – Engage with HKBH, Hallel

And it was, when Pharoh sent the Yidden [out of Egypt] 13:17 Pharoh did not send us out. HKBH arranged our exodus, as in the Hagaddah – “I and not an angel, nor… Continue reading

Sedra Bo – Make it Memorable

Movie dialogues are so unreal – especially when a tough is trying to intimidate. Or when the hero is bound, gagged, blindfolded and surrounded by many vicious people with weapons – and still… Continue reading

Sedra VaEra – Reconditioning our Thinking

When we know a safety net will catch us – we don’t fear failure; and it often becomes WHEN we fail rather than IF we fail. And so we who are promised by… Continue reading

Sedra SheMos – Bleeding for Leadership

The Egyptian project managers punished the Jewish building managers for not squeezing their brothers, the Jewish labourers, to fill the brick quota [5:14] Rashi explains that HKBH instructed Moshe Rabbenu to select the… Continue reading

Sedra VaYeChi – Who Needs Angels?

YaAkov declares, “I instruct the angel that redeemed me from all evil, to bless the children …” [48:16] Yosef’s sons, Efrayim and Menasheh. Yet in the previous verse he guides his blessing of… Continue reading

Sedra VaYiGush – Let Them Know Who’s Boss

Joseph forced the population to move far from their original location [47:21] Joseph had a plan and Gd seemed to be in agreement. The people were starving because only the food stored by… Continue reading

Sedra VaYeiShev – Time to Look in the Mirror

When the little kid threatens a bouncer – we all laugh. It is funny precisely because it is so silly and impossible. DJT, a buffoon, a bumbling, blithering bad-boy, could not possibly win… Continue reading

Sedra VaYeTzeh – Dreams, Hopes, Self Worth

The bank CEO promises you a fortune. You have an unlimited supply of funds. Life looks good, no? But if your dreams are not satisfied – will you cope? Gd promises YaAkov EVERYTHING… Continue reading