Sedra VaYiGush – Let Them Know Who’s Boss

Joseph forced the population to move far from their original location [47:21] Joseph had a plan and Gd seemed to be in agreement. The people were starving because only the food stored by… Continue reading

Sedra VaYeiShev – Time to Look in the Mirror

When the little kid threatens a bouncer – we all laugh. It is funny precisely because it is so silly and impossible. DJT, a buffoon, a bumbling, blithering bad-boy, could not possibly win… Continue reading

Sedra VaYeTzeh – Dreams, Hopes, Self Worth

The bank CEO promises you a fortune. You have an unlimited supply of funds. Life looks good, no? But if your dreams are not satisfied – will you cope? Gd promises YaAkov EVERYTHING… Continue reading

Sedra VaYetze – We are Driven to Excel

The Torah celebrates our infinite spiritual energy but it takes real vision, courage and determination for us to join that celebration. YaAkov lay down to sleep in THAT place [28:11] but during the… Continue reading

Kashering – How Much Salt

Kosher meat must have all traces of blood removed before it is cooked. This procedure is known as ‘Kashering’ and requires very precise procedures and timing of rinsing, soaking, salting and finally removal… Continue reading

Sedra Toldos – Balance, When Parents Favour One Child

updated version of this week’s Kol Rabi, below is the original. Our actions are pretty much prompted by Life’s circumstances, we are provoked to react. We do [many/most] things to counter a perceived… Continue reading

If We Saw a Yid

If we saw a Yid selling home-made bread to a non-Jew, we might assume it is Kosher. Would we be justifiably confident to consider this style of bread, sold by this non-Jew, as… Continue reading

Gd Spoke Lashon Hara

continuing from last week – Preserving harmony [Yevamos 65b, in this case between Araham and Sara] compels HKBH to lie to Avraham [HKBH reported that Sara said, “I am too old to have… Continue reading

VaYeRa – Who is HKBH Talking to?

Sara laughs [18:12]  Gd is not happy [18:13] HKBH confronts Avraham, “Why did Sara laugh off the blessing that she have a child? Am I not able to arrange she give birth? I… Continue reading

Lech Lecha – You Are What You Are Thought Of

Avraham and Sara have not been blessed with children. This changes with Gd providing two blessings, both communicated to Avraham. The first [17:1-8] is about Avraham exclusively, AFTER which Gd instructs he change… Continue reading