When a Rabbi Declares It’s Kosher, It’s Kosher

I have summarised HaRav Aviner thoughts here Question: You have stridently insisted that all Hechsherim [Kosher certifications] are acceptable. I am sure that you just don’t know how many foul-ups occur in food factories, and… Continue reading

Hearing Whatever We Want to Hear, NeBech

HaRav Steinman is approached by a well meaning school administrator. It appears that the administrator wants to get the Rav to sanction his preference to exclude some children from his school. These children… Continue reading

120 Words Sedra, Naso

Tov Shem Tov; a good name is better than the best perfume. One’s reputation is THE most precious and perhaps the most fragile of our valuables.  Can one ever be degraded yet improve… Continue reading

Shavuos, 120 words to get you thinking

We celebrate Shavuot, even though it ended in failure. Perhaps the Golden Calf was just the conclusion of a less than successful opening. Gd planned on giving all the Jews the entire Torah… Continue reading

120 Words Sedra, SheLach

I am bothered by artificially sweetened interpretations of our weekly Sedra readings that are often based upon a question that is hardly legitimate, but is employed to create perspectives that are fantasy. This… Continue reading