We Shall Cut the Baby in Two – Did King Solomon Lie?

  DID SHELOMO HAMELECH LIE? The well known adage, “one is permitted to lie in order to promote peace” is taught at a very tender age to our budding Talmud scholars. It is… Continue reading

When and Why do we Accept or Reject Halachic Precedent?

The Torah, Gd, imposes a heavy duty upon each individual to think for themselves. This duty is enunciated in the Halacha [RaMBaM Mamrim Chapter 2] a BD must rule according to its own… Continue reading

120 words Sedra Matos

  An innocent act believed by the perpetrator to be a betrayal, requires forgiveness [Rashi 30:6]. Betrayal is not the action but the thought. Need this be said? Your enemy who throws you… Continue reading

“Better the open criticism …” Seeing Kosher VeYosher from a different perspective

It is always interesting to see oneself through the eyes of another, particularly if it is through the eyes of  a critic. As our prophet says, “Better the open criticism than the love… Continue reading

120 Words Sedra Pinchas

Who is Pinchas, this man who quelled Gd’s wrath and halted the plague? We are twice told [25:7, 25:11] Pinchas, the son of ElAzar, the son of Aharon the Cohen. We are thereby assured… Continue reading

120 Words Sedra Balak

Attractive young girls, pleased to pleasure; was the only way to confuse the Jewish soldiers and seduce them to worship the idol PeOr. We are all willing victims of an attenuated form of… Continue reading

Mind Games, the Games our Minds Play with Us

The following scenarios were not proposed in order to explain Halacha nor to outline the types of Halachic questions that are everyday occurrences. They were designed to help unravel the complicated process that… Continue reading

120 Words Sedra Chukas

The child complains about their father, to their father. The criticism is sharp, unrestrained, exaggerated and intends to wound. The child is helpless and the father all-powerful. The child’s frustration is tangible; their… Continue reading

120 Words, Sedra Korach

You, Moses and Aaron, were not the only ones to hear Gd say “I am the Lord your Gd …” argues Korach [Rashi 16:3] and therefore we all qualify to be appointed as… Continue reading

Reflections I am too Pained to Name

Every so often individuals make mistakes. Errors are part of life. We are only human, after all. But we are also divinely inspired, a spark of Gd lives within all of us. Correcting… Continue reading