Sedra VaYishLach, 120 Words. Stolen Blessings, Dignity

YaAkov Avinu, engages in battle with a stranger. [32:25] Although YaAkov is injured, he grasps his opponent who begs to be released. YaAkov makes a deal, extracting a blessing in exchange. But it… Continue reading

Sedra VaYeTse, 120 Words, Achdus – Unity

Gd promotes peace amongst stones. He wants them not to bicker over who will be closest to Yakov’s Head. Gd intervenes. A miracle – Many stones fuse into a single stone. [Rashi 28:11]… Continue reading

Sedra Toldos, 120 Words – Perfection from Imperfection

Yakov was not perfect. He was pleased to find a pretext to deny Eisav the opportunity to become a better person.¬†[Rashi 32:23] For this he was punished. There was no need for Yakov… Continue reading

Sedra Chaye Sara, 120 Words

It’s nice to get a blessing for success and assurances that Gd will assist fulfil ones task. So why does Abraham not offer his blessing [24:7] to Eliezer when he FIRST charges him… Continue reading

Sedra YaYeRa, 120 Words

Sara laughed to herself upon hearing a blessing that she, at an advanced age, would give birth to a son. Gd is displeased by this. Gd is capable of all things and Sara… Continue reading

Sedra LechLecha, 120 Words

When Gd promises Abraham that he will be the progenitor of trillions of descendants, he does not doubt Gd’s word. Gd is very pleased. Genesis 15:6 However, Rashi takes the remarkable step of… Continue reading

Sedra NoAch, 120 Words

The dove returns with an olive twig. This has become the international image of peace and¬†tranquillity. Our Sages however, promote a very different message. The occupants of the ark were protected by the… Continue reading

BeReishis, 120 Words

Why consult with those whose advice we don’t need, and is inferior?   But that is what Gd does. Let us [He consulted with the angels, Rashi 1:26] make Man in OUR image… Continue reading

Succos, 120 Words

We obey Gd’s commands: the greater the difficulty, the greater the reward. [Avos]   Yet Succah, I believe, is the only Mitzvah which requires that we be comfortable for its performance and are… Continue reading

Sedra HaAzinu, 120 Words

When I announce Gd’s Name, ensure you respond by praising Him. Devarim 32:3 This is not a command, it is a yardstick.   RaMBaM explains that loving Gd means being sick with love… Continue reading