Ki Savo, Kol Rabi – when you really dont want to be there

The catastrophic curses – the Tochacha – are all pinned upon one shortcoming, because you did not serve HKBH with joy/happiness and a glad heart from all the bursting bounty that He provided… Continue reading

Kol Rabi Sedra Ki SeiTzei – Compassion by Gd’s Command

Ahhh, that warm fuzzy feeling, Jewbilation, when we feel our Torah and traditions are honourable and dignified. Are we possibly mistaken? The command – not to take the babies whilst the mother is… Continue reading

Kol Rabi, Sedra Shoftim – Defying the Sanhedrin

Do not divert from Sanhedrin’s guidance neither right nor left [17:11] Rashi – even if instructing the right is left or the left is right. Those defying their guidance must be executed –… Continue reading

Kol Rabi, Sedra ReEh – Halachic Defiance

We have a universal custom to eat Cholent [Chamin] on Shabbos day. This custom is embraced in order to defy the opponents of the Pharisees [Perushim (that’s us)] who maintained that Gd commands… Continue reading

Kol Rabi Sedra Deavarim – to Provoke or not to Provoke

… they will fear you and [however?] you must be careful. [2:4] Rashi explains – in what way must they be careful? Do not provoke them [2:5] So, in spite of Edom fearing… Continue reading

KolRabi Sedra Matos – Tolerance Means …

Don’t shoot me! I’m only the piano player! I am just playing, it’s what’s on the sheet. This discussion will be revolting if we question the Divine foundation and origin of the Torah.… Continue reading

KolRabi Sedra Pinchas – What Really Hurts

The greatest hurt is caused by the “friends” who do not act or even speak up, in defence of their friend the victim. Sure the attack hurts – but which brave enterprising free-thinking… Continue reading

KolRabi, Rabi’s Voice – What Makes Us Cry?

Rebbi Yochanan b Zakkai wept when he realised his students were visiting him. He realised that he was about to transition from this world to the next. His students, however, did not understand… Continue reading

KolRabi 120 Words – Sedra Balak – How Many Died?

24,000 everyone knows that number – the concluding verse – those who died of the plague – 24,000 Chazal tell us however [Rashi 25:5] that each of the 88,000 judges executed two sinners… Continue reading

Sedra Korach 120 words – Why is Moshe R’ Angry?

Moshe R, in his anger, pleads with HKBH not to accept Korach’s portion of the communal daily sacrifice, let it remain raw on the altar [Rashi 16:15] Why? If the merit of that… Continue reading