KolRabi 120 Words – Sedra Balak – How Many Died?

24,000 everyone knows that number – the concluding verse – those who died of the plague – 24,000 Chazal tell us however [Rashi 25:5] that each of the 88,000 judges executed two sinners… Continue reading

Sedra Korach 120 words – Why is Moshe R’ Angry?

Moshe R, in his anger, pleads with HKBH not to accept Korach’s portion of the communal daily sacrifice, let it remain raw on the altar [Rashi 16:15] Why? If the merit of that… Continue reading

Renewable Energy – Our Mind and its Pictures

Our tradition identifies a bone, known as the Luzz, which endures forever and from which the revival of each individual grows. Sefer TaAmei HaMinHagim 425 This bone is fed exclusively from the meal… Continue reading

Awareness, Gdliness – 120 words

Wearing Tefillin is what I call, a Mind Mitzvah – they require that we remain constantly aware of them, without lapse. It’s like talking to Gd and not being distracted by things going… Continue reading

Sedra Behar 120 words – Gd Expects …

What is missing? And if you will ask [when you will ask] “So if we do not plant nor¬†gather, what will we eat in the seventh year?” [25:20] The rebuke – “Oh you… Continue reading

Sedra Emor 120 words – Bad Hair Day

A major component of the Sedra is the warning, often repeated – You will die if you enter the Temple when ritually unclean. What is all the fuss about? and the INTENSITY! With… Continue reading

Acharey Mos 120 words, but why did they die?

Shabtai Tzvi, the infamous false Messiah, retained loyal followers, even after he converted to Islam. The sons of Aharon who were executed by HKBH, were great people who lived holy lifestyles; presumably they… Continue reading

Sedra VaYikRa 120 words, Man Meets Animal

Sacrificing and incinerating living beasts is a major if not the major focus of this week’s Sedra. Normal planning approximates that 150,000 square meters and a staff of 350-400¬†are require to support a… Continue reading

Sedra VaYakHeil, 120 words – Women

Is it unprecedented? Women are identified 4 times in chapter 35: verses 22, 25, 26 and 29. 35:22 – the men came with the women [to donate gold for the Mishkan] Note that… Continue reading

Ki Sisa, 120 words – Gd’s Preference

“Your people, Moshe, have caused destruction” [32:7 Rashi] those Egyptians who Moshe, without consulting Gd, encouraged to join the Nation. This is an, “I told you so” moment. Yet Gd is angry with,… Continue reading