Sedra KiTisa 120 words – Sanctity

30:37: the incense … sacred to Gd, Rashi: to be employed exclusively in My service The words “Sacred” and “Sanctity” are a little jaded today when it is fashionable to promote equality, which explains… Continue reading

Sedra Terumah 120 words, What’s Missing in our Mikdash?

Do the Sons of Israel have a hero? Sure we do, our hero is Gd Almighty. However, He is not a national Hero, He is every person’s Hero. And we will not permit anything to… Continue reading

Sedra Mishpatim 120 words, Humanity is a State of Mind

Killing those found tunnelling into your home is not murder. [22:1] Halacha asserts that the tunneller’s intention to steal without killing are unrealistic due to the likelihood of confrontation. [Rashi] Why does the Torah describe… Continue reading

Sedra Yisro 120 words – Dispensing Justice

Yisro advises Moshe about how to run the justice system. “You cannot do it alone. Even if you are there all day and all night it’s an impossible task.” [18:18] We know the… Continue reading

Sedra Bo 120 words – Milk and Honey

The Torah describes the Promised Land as flowing with milk and honey 56 times. But not even once in the book of Bereishis-Genesis where Gd many times promises The Land to our forefathers and their… Continue reading

Sedra Shemos 120 Words – Before Gd Talks to You …

The Burning Bush that is not consumed discloses Gd’s presence. Yet before Gd calls Moshe Rabbenu from the bush, He first looks for a sign to verify that Moshe is worthy. What is… Continue reading

Sedra VaYechi, 120 Words. Why does Joseph Cry?

Joseph has done his utmost over 17 years since they have been reunited, to prove that he holds no grudge against his brothers – but they still suspect him of planning to seek retribution.… Continue reading

Sedra VaYeshev 120 words – therearview

Yosef brings disparaging reports about his brothers, to YaAkov his father. Rashi explains that for each item he reported, he was later ‘punished’. But these ‘retributions’ occurred many years later and were so… Continue reading

Sedra Lech LeCha, 120 words – Who’s the Boss?

So your army has just been routed, your entire clan taken captive, and you, the king have managed to save yourself in the most ignoble fashion.   Who rescues you?   Some lunatic… Continue reading

BereiShis, EXACTLY 120 Words – This Land is Ours

Since we learned our first Rashi, when we hardly had brains enough to have even the vaguest notion of what was going on, and we certainly had no life experience – and our… Continue reading