Rosh HaShana, 120 words – Derech Eretz

Detect Eretz, courtesy, plain old consideration for others – my needs do not always take priority; I do not feel cramped or stifled by the existence others  – is the awareness of being created in Gd’s… Continue reading

Sedra Ki SaVo, 120 words – Gd! You Promised!

A verse that mysteriously is almost universally sung or hummed by the congregation as the Torah reader chants it – HashKiFa [26:15 – Look down from Your holy abode, from the heaven, and bless… Continue reading

Sedra Ki SeiTzei, 120 words – The King is a Thief

The Chief Rabbi’s reputation may be at serious risk of being tarnished if his doppelganger is publicly humiliated for very crude behaviour. But can Gd’s reputation ever be vulnerable to such risk? Apparently, yes; because… Continue reading

Sedra Shoftim, 120 words – The Greatest Honour to Gd, Honour your Thinking

You must follow the Sages’ rulings; do not modify BeisDin’s instructions, neither to the left nor to the right [17:11] Rashi – even if they tell you left is right or right is left. Absolute… Continue reading

Sedra VaEsChanan 120 words – for us or for them

Gd does kindness to thousands, to those who love Me and heed My commands [5:10] The Gd who keeps His promise and kindness to those who love Him and heed His commands, for… Continue reading

Sedra Matos 120 words, The Opposite of Holy is NOT Profane

So Hillary was economising the truth re dodging bullets. Big deal. Does that disqualify her from being POTUS? Gd commands us to “keep distant from untruths” and in this week’s Sedra, not to profane our word.… Continue reading

Sedra Pinchas 120 words – Humanity, Always Another Perspective

Who is Pinchas? He is the son of Elazar, who is the son of Aaron the Priest. What did he do? He endangered his own life in order to save the people from… Continue reading

Sedra Balak 120 words – the eyes may see but the mind is blind

Balak sees what is happening and is terrified. His nation will be relegated to history’s dustbin by the Jews who just obliterated his nation’s highly paid protectors, the two great fighting kingdoms of Sichon and Og… Continue reading

Sedra Chukas 120 words – Madly in Love

What on earth is that for? And why does your Gd want you to do that? Ridicule about the red heifer stings us. We don’t even need to actually hear the nations of… Continue reading

Sedra Korach 120 words – Blind Stupid is Evil

Unauthorised use of the Ketores is lethal. Its brutal uncompromising consequence already graphically illuminated by Aharon’s 2 sons. So when Moshe Rabbenu proposed the Ketores test to Korach and his crowd, they all knew… Continue reading