Sedra Yisro 120 words – Where Is Gd?

You saw that I spoke with you from the heavens [Ex 20:19] but it says the opposite, Gd descended onto Mount Sinai [Ex 19:20] Gd’s honour was in the heavens whilst Gd’s fire… Continue reading

Sedra BeShaLach, 120 words – We Took Weapons

The first 2 Pesukim are a confusing hodgepodge: Rather than saying, “Gd took the Jews out of Egypt”, we have the inaccurate, “Pharoh sent The People out”. Why mention at all that we carried weapons? For those untrained and… Continue reading

Sedra Bo, 120 words – What Makes a Despot Hard Hearted

So you are in charge of  a school, a national organisation, a business or a political party. What makes you cry, laugh or get angry, even when deep down you know it is… Continue reading

Sedra Shemos, 120 words – Perception is Reality

There’s been a revolution in Egypt. The Jews are no longer the upper class. Pharoh issues a national policy statement – the Jews are more numerous and stronger than us [1:8], they are… Continue reading

Vayigash, 120 words – Resonance, Sincere Apologies

“We are your slaves” the brothers of Yosef cry, as they throw themselves at Yosef’s feet. But Yosef has not forgiven them and does not forgive them now. Why not? What more could… Continue reading

Sedra VaYeShev 120 words – Born to Lead?

YaAkov was born a battler. He was named [YaAkov=ankle] for the battle he looked to be engaged in from the moment of his birth; he was already then grasping at his older twin’s… Continue reading

Sedra VaYishlach, 120 words – Innocent Bystanders

The balance between ensuring one’s safety and beating down the enemy is the argument between YaAkov and his sons Shimon and Levi. The ‘proposal’ for marriage [33:8] was an ultimatum, Dina was not returned… Continue reading

Sedra VaYetze 120 words – If Gd does this, I will …

YaAkov sleeps, he dreams astonishing dreams, and he knows he is in a special place, at a special time. 40 words [28:20 – 22] capture his dedication, love and inspiration, including his own promise to… Continue reading

Sedra Toldos 120 words; Does Yichus Makes one’s Prayers Better

And Gd responded to Yitchak’s prayers – Rashi explains, but not to Rivkah’s because his prayers were more powerful since his parents were righteous. [Yevamos 64a] Why is this so? It seems to be inherently… Continue reading

Rosh HaShana, 120 words – Derech Eretz

Detect Eretz, courtesy, plain old consideration for others – my needs do not always take priority; I do not feel cramped or stifled by the existence others  – is the awareness of being created in Gd’s… Continue reading