Sedra Metzora 120 words, The Rabbi Should not Pasken

And the owner will come to the Cohen and say, “I think my house is plagued” [14:35] Rashi: even if he is a Torah scholar and knows with certainly that the house is… Continue reading

Pesach Halacha 200 words – Chamets Starch is Paper

Paper goods containing wheat starch ought not be used during Pesach. The wheat starch is deemed to be Chamets and may possibly be leached into hot and perhaps even cold foods put into… Continue reading

Pesach, 450 words – What Are We Offering Gd?

Two sacrifices – a burnt-offering (Olah, a lamb) and a sin-offering (Chatos, dove or pigeon) – are to be brought by a woman who has given birth. In cases of financial hardship two… Continue reading

Sedra Tazria 120 words – Being Alone

When we become ill, we take two Panadol and go to the doctor, as we ought to. We also Daven and our friends gather to Daven. And he who is afflicted with the TzaRaAs… Continue reading

Shushan Purim 120 words – Destroy They Who Seek Our Destruction

Haman’s legislated day of Jew-killing was over. No Jews died. However, 75,000 attackers had been killed. Some months earlier Mordechai had been appointed to replace Haman and run the government. Haman the evil mastermind was dead by the… Continue reading

Purim 120 words – When your Dress-up Touches your Core

A most powerful scene, a moment of instantaneous reversal, is powerfully portrayed in the novel, The Lord of the Flies. The children have deteriorated from typical obedient school-children into two gangs whose rivalry has… Continue reading

VaYakHeil 120 words – What Makes the Mikdash Special?

All gifts for the Mikdash were accepted – but only those altruistically motivated donated.  35:5 – take from them [materials for constructing the Mikdash] – those with inspired hearts will bring; Rashi: their… Continue reading

Sedra KiTisa 120 words – Sanctity

30:37: the incense … sacred to Gd, Rashi: to be employed exclusively in My service The words “Sacred” and “Sanctity” are a little jaded today when it is fashionable to promote equality, which explains… Continue reading

Sedra Terumah 120 words, What’s Missing in our Mikdash?

Do the Sons of Israel have a hero? Sure we do, our hero is Gd Almighty. However, He is not a national Hero, He is every person’s Hero. And we will not permit anything to… Continue reading

Sedra Mishpatim 120 words, Humanity is a State of Mind

Killing those found tunnelling into your home is not murder. [22:1] Halacha asserts that the tunneller’s intention to steal without killing are unrealistic due to the likelihood of confrontation. [Rashi] Why does the Torah describe… Continue reading